Improve your curb appeal with professional tree trimming from Dubois Outdoor Services. From removing damaged limbs to clearing power lines, our tree trimming and removal company provides expert service for all your needs.
An important part of tree care is regular tree trimming, which is necessary to keep the trees on your property from overgrowing. It helps beautify the natural growth of your trees while increasing their longevity and lifespan.

Trees Need Trimming When:

  • They grow too close to houses or other structures and power lines.
  • They are out of compliance with city or town ordinances. Most local laws require specific clearances or setbacks over streets, sidewalks, etc.
  • It becomes misshapen and unsightly. Regular trimming can help maintain and encourage the desired size and shape.
  • When storm or wind damage has caused branches to break off and hang loosely. These may fall and cause further property damage or injury.

Tree Pruning Services

Pruning is a different but equally important tree service. Trimming involves cutting branches when they become too large or dangerous. Pruning is normally done when the tree is younger and still maturing. The idea is to make strategic cuts which allow the tree to grow in any direction you want or in a particular shape.
Attempting to prune a tree yourself can be a bad idea if you are not a certified arborist or have extensive knowledge in tree care. Call the trained professionals who know how to preserve your trees for a lifetime.
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