Protect your property investment with expert tree removal and stump grinding from Dubois Outdoor Services. When your trees are sick or you have unsightly stumps, we specialize in year-round removal.
But how do you know when you need to remove a tree? Sometimes it's obvious and other times it can be hard to tell.

Expert Tree Evaluations

Our experts will come out to your property and review your individual situation. Only then can we give you a recommendation of the best course of action. Saving a tree is always our first option but there are cases when removal is the best way to go.

Tree Removal Guidelines

  • Dead/dying/diseased trees should be removed.
  • Storm/wind damaged trees may need to be removed or trimmed.
  • Uprooted trees or fallen trees should be removed if they are a hazard.
  • Trees that grow too close to homes, businesses or other structures need to be evaluated. They may cause foundation problems or could fall on the structure, causing damage.
  • Tree removal may or may not be required if the tree was hit by lightning. Ask one of our tree experts if it can be saved.
  • Sometimes trees need to be removed if the canopy has become too large and the grass on the lawn beneath it is no longer able to grow properly.
  • Removal or trimming may be required if you are planning a construction project, such as a new home, pool, or deck.

Stump Grinding

This is the most effective way to get rid of the unwanted tree stumps and roots.

Complete Cleanliness & Safety

Tree removal is a risky business, so we take careful precautions when removing trees near homes or other structures. This should only be done by fully insured and experienced professionals like us.
This process can also create a lot of debris. We respect your property and will treat it as our own. Our crew cleans up and hauls away any brush or wood. Our goal is to make it look like we were never there.
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